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20 June 14

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7 June 14

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19 May 14

Jayne Mansfield in The Loves of Hercules (Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia - 1960)

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17 May 14


Jayne Mansfield in Las Vegas c. 1950’s

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22 April 14


Jayne Mansfield playing the violin [x] & piano [x] on The Ed Sullivan Show (1957)

Before playing the piano, Jayne joked about others’ preconceived notions of her saying, “My playing the violin and now the piano may remind you a famous story about Dr. Samuel Johnson. Once when he saw a little puppy walking on its hind legs, he said ‘It’s not that you expect him to do it perfectly, it’s just that you’re surprised the puppy does it at all,’ which just goes to prove that I not only play the violin and the piano, but I also know who Dr. Samuel Johnson is.”

"She played the violin, she read Shakespeare. She was not the village idiot. As a matter of fact, she made village idiots out of those who supposed such.” –Ray Strait on Jayne Mansfield

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20 April 14

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7 April 14

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30 March 14

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29 March 14

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26 March 14

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