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25 August 14
have loved your blog for a very long time now!! I wish you the best of luck in all you do -- I will miss your posts ♡♡♡

So thankful that I have had you as a follower baby doll. Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you!!!!!!!

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I'm so bummed to hear that you're leaving your blog, it's been one of my favorites for a while! On that note, I'd also love to hear some recommendations for blogs similar to yours! I hate to see you go, but I hope you have a lovely time in college!

Cannot thank you enough sweetheart. So so appreciated you don’t understand. You have such an amazing blog!!! I will definitely make the list - been so busy - I won’t delete until I can make it though! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

24 August 14
Oh no:( I loved your blog, it's a pity you're leaving it:( Good luck with your college, though:)

Thank you so so so much sweetie!!!! Thank you so much for following!! I love you!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Posted: 3:39 PM
recommend any blogs ala your style to follow to make up from no more posts from you? such a good blog to delete but the real world is a way better choice to focus on. ♡

Thank you so much baby doll!! It makes me more happy than you will ever know that people have enjoyed my tumblr. There are so so many!!! I will definitely make you and everyone else who is interested a list!!! Thank you again for the message beautiful! x

23 August 14
22 August 14
21 August 14
I’m in love with this photograph. It should be placed under the definition of classic old hollywood.

I’m in love with this photograph. It should be placed under the definition of classic old hollywood.

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Suddenly, every song was about you.
— loving you in six words (via bloody-luxury)

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Why don't you just pass on the blog to someone else that's what Disney confessions are doing, if you look on their blog they have a post about it, maybe you should do something like that :)

Hi gorgeous! That is a very great idea but I just selfishly cannot do that. See, like I said - I had this tumblr for such a long time. Although it is seemingly a theme blog, it’s always been MY blog. I don’t post for other people, I post for myself. This tumblr has been my whole vision. Giving it away would feel so wrong. It’s like hearing my child call someone else mom after I raised them to be an adult. But thanks for the suggestion baby doll!! I really appreciate it. It is an amazing idea but like I said I just can’t do it. It’s like James Cameron’s Titanic. I’m Rose and my tumblr’s Jack. If I jump then it’s going to jump with me!!!

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Why are you deleting because of school? Are you a teacher lol

Hello! Haha definitely not a teacher! A student actually… I’m heading into my senior year of college. I’m already behind in credits because I felt depressed and would skip school every day to go to the movies… wanted to escape reality for at least an hour and a half … And it’s healthier than a drug problem… I had this tumblr since I was in 10th grade so I’m just ready to move on. It’s distracting and I’ll be very busy so it’s really not going to be used much. Got to graduate… Intend on attending Grad school and then fit in time to work on top of school and if I’m alive… make movies. I’ll end it on a high note. If it ever was on one to begin with… But if I were a teacher… I’d be a history teacher. =) Teachers can be inspirations. Although, it’s highly unlikely… 9 to 5 and me just can’t seem to get along.